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Goodbye Freenas..Hello Synology

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 in Projects | Comments Off on Goodbye Freenas..Hello Synology

So my DIY Freenas Box was humming along pretty steady when I had a power outage a few months ago. Since I wasn’t using it with a UPS (I know, bad idea), my Sickbeard configuration somehow got messed up and wouldn’t operate properly even after a system backup was restored.

Searching around the web, I came across Xpenology which allows you to install Synology’s Diskstation. It satisfied all my needs as a SABnzbd/Sickbeard/Torrent/Time Machine and NAS all in one. With 16 gigs ram it’s probably a little overpowered and I could probably run an operating system on it and then run Xpenology in a Virtual Machine but for now I have it installed barebones. Other than accidentally deleting a folder (totally my fault), it’s working great. I’ve got two new WD Red 4TB to add to the dual 3TB’s already in there along with a 1TB drive for Time Machine backups. The Diskstation interface is pretty slick and there are great programs/packages you can install. I currently run Video Station and Audio station which interact just fine with their IOS apps. Also running Media Server to deliver media files to my network, Surveillance Station which connects to my D-LINK IP camera, BitTorrent Sync for backups, Itunes Server which has saved me lots of space by moving my Itunes Library and of course SABnzbd/Sickbeard/Download Station for grabbing media. The only app I’m really having trouble with is Photo Station which I can connect to on the local network but not remotely. I’ll play around with it later but first I need to get the new storage added.