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My Vendo 44 History

Posted on 17 Nov 2013 in Projects | Comments Off on My Vendo 44 History

I’ve successfully converted my machine to vend cans now replacing the bottle rockers. I suppose I will hold onto them for memorabilia sake and if I ever figure out how to cheaply refill and recap the older 8 oz bottles. I received a nice note from the guy who owned my machine on this history of it:

Hope you’re enjoying the machine as much as I did. When I jointed the Galt Police in
1968 it was in the lunch room at 12 Ainslie St S and dispensed the bottles for 10 cents- one thin
dime. As prices increased it became unprofitable so it replaced with another machine that
took 25 cent coins. I purchased it in 1971 and  would take the rack out , it would hold 2 cases of
24 beer on end and served as a bar fridge for shift parties It has been a focus point in our home
for about 40 years. It has never been worked on since I got it, I cleaned it when we moved
to our present home and it it worked well at that time
Pretty cool!